Wednesday, September 28, 2016

     Well if everyone wants people to go to college then that would make more people want to go because it will be parcially/fully paid for. Sometimes people don't go because they can't afford college because it's so expensive and sometimes no one will help pay for them to get into college. If more people go to college our economy will be more educated which will eventually pay off in the end. Plus the government makes so much money it's not gonna affect too much from them to help people that can't pay for college out.
     I think most people can afford paying for their own college and they don't need any support and shouldn't ask for any assistance to help pay for it. I don't think the government should help people that can pay for college because they'd be asking for it just because they want more money for themselves when their fully capable of paying for it themselves. If the government pays for it they'll have to raise taxes or spending.
     The government should only support people in college when they don't have enough money to afford it but really wanna go to make a difference in their life and put forth the effort to do it and not go then drop out wasting the governments time and money. They should have to pay fees and percentage of it not a lot but little.

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