Thursday, September 8, 2016

Men don't take enough time off. Men in the workplace are less likely to take time off to help with newborn children said this study done on countries in the OECD. "Paid leave for new daddies generally remains short, averaging just eight weeks".(Economist,3/5/16) If men do not take as much time off as women do then women will always be riskier to employ than men. However even if they do then the government has to pay them as much as a women gets for her leave.
Men are not responsible for the glass ceiling. The way women think about this barrier in the work place prevents them from having the confidence to move up in their career. "Perception is reality, and because we waste a lot of energy believing and put up with the idea that there is this metaphoric barrier in our way, it's killing our confidence." (Broder,10/16/13) This ideology and how its constantly spread in the media is making women second guess themselves and dpubt that they can make it in the tough man's world.
This whole idea is simply a waste of time, if a solution is really needed then women could sign a contract that prevents them from taking paid maternity leave. The real issue here is that more women need to strive to get higher jobs in the workplace, if that were to happen then the female population would no longer be in the minority and would strive in the workforce.

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