Thursday, September 1, 2016

Payton Leonard Service Requirements

Community service can give people a chance to help out in their community. Some high school give credit to students who do community service and others actually make it a requirement that each student must perform a certain amount of service hours in order for that student to graduate. This can have many benefits. "All community service action, whether it be direct or indirect, encourages career preparation and reflection"(Claire Koenig,, March 11, 2011) This article states that community service shows students about working with other people and to not always focus their choices on themselves. It's also great because a lot of these services need help and without the school requiring it, many of the students would never help out.

       Mandatory community service can also have down sides. "If this is for school, how do we know [students] are considering this as community service, rather than just homework for school?"(Sarah D. Sparks, end, August 21, 2013) This article describes how many of the student only view this service as school work, not associating it with community service, which would defeat the purpose. The article also talks about how students who were required to donate their time to the community were less likely to help out in the future than those who were not required.

       Personally I don't think that BHS students should be required to have a minimum amount of service hours in order to graduate. Because I think that it discourages community service because the students view it as school work and think that later on in life they don't have to do it because the only reason they did it before was because the school made them.

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  1. I don't agree with this why I don't agree is because community service could open people up to new thing and others. It also could help them make a choice in a job they might want to be. I would say at first they might view it as work but it could turn out fun. Finally they may have that it was boring but when they do the community they might do it out of school because like I said it could be fun to do


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