Monday, September 19, 2016

Pollution tax on gas

According to Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, If you simply set a higher price point for gasoline, buyers will do the sorting on their own, choosing fuel efficiency as they would when the world prices are high. The beauty of a tax- as a substitute for a high world price- is that as the incentive for fuel effiency remains, but the extra money at the pump goes right back into the U.S. economy(Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post, 2016).
On the other hand, there is a negative side to increasing the pollution tax on gas. According to Shannon Wulf of Environmental Economics, Over the next decade, miles traveled will increase nearly at historical rates, causing substantially higher oil consumption and GHG emissions than if persistent changes in household driving habits explained the recent changes in VMT(Shannon Wulf,,2016).
In my opinion the pollution tax on gas should not increase. People are already paying so many different taxes(i.e. Local, state, etc.). Some people with how many taxes we are having to pay already, would not have the ability to pay the pollution tax if the government decided to raise it for gasoline.

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  1. I disagree your opinion because certainly people have pay the many taxes, but it problems have made large problems.


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