Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pollution tax on gas

          It is a good thing to increase the pollution tax on gasoline. This is because it is everyone job to keep this world from going bad even if it's going to cost you money. It found that " A 10 percent increase in gasoline prices would decrease gas consumption by 4.3 percent... increase hours worked by 0.07 percent, approximately 2 hours"(Les Picker,The National Bureau of Economic Research,09/19/16). This is would be a good because if they got more hour than more money so they should be able to afford this. It also will be fix other problems like accidents because of less drivers on the road.

          It is not good for the government to increase the pollution tax on gasoline. This can be a problem for people and jobs that require gas."gas taxes are generally use to fund transportation infrastructure maintenance and new projects"(Colby pastre, Tax Foundation, July 23, 2015). That why it does not need to be tax because a lot of other thing that are tax pay for these projects. Also a tax could cause transportation job to have to lower down on transportation because of the tax. This is why the government should not higher the tax on gas.

          I do agree they should have a higher tax on gas because it does pollute the would and there will be a time when there is no more gas or very little. I also do believe people will have the ability to pay for the gas. And if people do pay with the tax then like in the first paragraph there could be less people on the road so less crashes and if there is less people on the road that mean they should be at work of home so there are not wasting there gas. That is why I do believe there should be a higher tax on gas.


  1. I disagree with that fact that there will come a time when we will run out yes we will but that not stop people from driving and polluting the earth. Just because there would be a tax does not mean less people on the roads because people will find always around being on the road.

  2. I believe that there shouldn't be a tax on gas because of pollution because right now there isn't a substitute for our fuel. I believe that if there would be a substitute for fuel like solar power on cars or a better way of transportation that doesn't involve the gasoline a tax would be great, but since we don't have that type of fuel then the tax is just taking more money away from the people.


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