Monday, September 19, 2016

Pollution Tax on Gasoline

I'm in favor for the government raising the pollution taxes on gasoline. I believe they should because if it's considered a pollution, then increasing the tax would drive people away form that and to a better alternative. "The Energy Independent Vermont coalition is working to enact a “carbon pollution tax” on gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, natural gas and propane to drive down the use of those fuels by increasing their prices to consumers," (, 2016). This statement goes back to what I previously said about increasing prices hoping it'll turn others to better alternatives. It's a better option to raise taxes because, overall, it could positively effect the environment with less gas and fossil fuels. 

Although there are good reasons to raise taxes there is always a bad reason. That reason being that some people may not have access to that alternative, so all they can afford is gases due to taxes increasing. "Regardless, perfectly internalizing motor vehicle externalities would likely make the economy less efficient—not more—by inducing motorists into even more (economically) inefficient mass transit use," (Jerry Taylor,, 2007). I agree with this because, like I said, it'll crash the part of the economy that can't afford to change fuels. So, increasing the taxing on gas may not help as some people think it will, it may end up crashing and burning. 

My stance on the 'raising pollution taxes on gas' is somewhat neutral. It's neutral because it shouldn't be raised or lowered or anything else because everything is efficient the way it is now. Raising it would only hurt those that can't afford it, leaving them without vehicles. How the taxes are right now are working for just about everyone. So why change them?

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