Monday, September 19, 2016

Pollution tax

     There should be a pollution tax because the carbon emissions are a negative externalities. The costs of the carbon going into our atmosphere are pretty high and the tax is something that the government can use to research for future energy or maybe even stopping pollution (Tejvan Pettinger,, 2016). The carbon is destroying our atmosphere and it shouldn't even be used as a fuel so the tax should be used because of the negative externalities the carbon emissions cause our environment.

     An argument against pollution taxes is that companies may leave to get away from the carbon tax. If the tax is too big for that company then the company might just leave our country to go somewhere there isn't a pollution tax or where it is a smaller pollution tax. These places are called pollution havens (Nigel Morris,, 2016). The costs of gas would also increase which would hurt the consumer and they wouldn't buy as much gas as they used to. The government would also need a lot of money to implement the bigger pollution tax.

     I believe that the pollution tax should not be raised because of many reasons. First, I don't like that the gas prices would be raised higher. I also don't think it is a fair tax because it doesn't give a benefit to the consumer. If the consumer doesn't get a benefit from the tax than its not worth creating the tax on pollution. I understand that pollution is a threat to our environment, but we shouldn't have a tax on gas just because it is harmful to our environment.


  1. I agree that higher gas prices are a pain, but I disagree with your statement that there is no benefit to the consumer. The benefit the consumer gets is that they can still drive their car, while paying a tax that keeps pollution lower, in turn improving the environment.

  2. I disagree because I think that the gas tax does give a benefit to the consumer by controlling the amount of pollution in the air, and nobody likes pollution. A slightly higher tax would still cost less than how much gasoline prices were just a few years ago.


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