Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pollution Tax

     Should the government increase the pollution tax? Some people would be in favor of increasing it more then it already is. One reason the government should raise the tax would be to encourage other alternatives for using gas. On politico.com they support raising the tax to help efficiency and green house gases. "Adding 35 cents to the gas tax is equivalent to collecting a tax of roughly 40 dollars for every ton of CO2 emitted by gasoline. This is also close to the Enviromental Protection Agency's estimate of the social cost of carbon that measures the incremental damage to the environment caused by each incremental ton of CO2 emission"(politico.com) I agree with this because if we raise the tax then the government and the EPA will have enough money to do something about the green house gases. Also if we add 35 cents which would be a big jump more then likely a lot of people would find other ways to drive so the efficiency of cars would be better if people could figure something out.
     Why would the government raise taxes on gas if that's not the real problem? The real problem the government and the HTF are having is the amount of money that is being spent and the money that is being brought in from gas tax. On atr.org they agree with this reason for not raising the tax. "Currently the gas tax brings in around 34 billion dollars annually, yet the federal government is spending roughly 50 billion dollars each year. There is no solution in 'raise the gas tax' method"(art.org). See if the government would cut their spending and realize that they are not bringing in the money they would be spending then there would not be the raise in tax. There would be a lot of down fall in doing so.
     I believe the government should not raise the gas tax. I'm going off the ability to pay for the reason  the government should not raise. Raising the tax would hurt the economy financially. If the tax would be raised to 35 cents per say it would be hurting the middle class mostly. The rich would have no problem paying more but coming up for the 35 cents for middle class would be harder. That money would be used for something else they need. That is why I think we should not raise the gas tax.

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