Monday, September 19, 2016

Pollution tax

         "Imagine a proposal that promises to decrease carbon emissions, reduce dependency on foreign oil, help the environment, and decrease the government deficit. These benefits sound almost too good to be true. Some believe all those things can happen if the federal government increases the gasoline tax(Jake Ferguson, cite I believe increasing pollution tax on gasoline would be a good way to help out the economy. 

             I am against increasing pollution tax on gasoline for a few reasons. Oil is not disappearing, and when it becomes more expensive, market agents will substitute away from gasoline to save money(Jerry Taylor,, 2007). If we were to increase pollution tax on gasoline the gas would be less affordable for people, which would turn to other things to cause more pollution to the economy. 

         I believe increasing the pollution tax on gasoline would help out the economy in the long run. If the gas is more expensive then less people would buy gas and drive less miles and maybe result to walking, riding a bike or any none motor vehicles for transportation. This would decrease the carbon emission and air pollution. Our environment would be healthier if we increased the pollution tax on gasoline.

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  1. Levi, I disagree with your opinion. While riding your bike or using public transportation is cleaner, driving your car to work is incredibly practical. Plus, states like Wyoming, Idaho, and their neighbors are sparsely populated, resulting in public transportation being useless, and biking/walking to work is a marathon.


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