Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pollution taxes on gasoline

1) the gasoline have possible to increase the pollution by the  some accident. According thinkprogress.com . In fact, in 2003 Atlanta-based Colonial Pipeline agreed to pay $34 million, then the largest civil penalty a company has paid in EPA history, for spilling 1.4 million gallons of oil from a 5,500 mile pipeline systemif the government should not to vigilance the strongly we must pay the more taxes pollution from on gasoline.

2) We don't want to increase the pollution taxes from the gasoline. According to woos.com have the accident from the gasoline pipe, so it have the more strong vigilance of the gasoline pipe. If it happen the next time the pollution taxes are should to increase by the law.

3) I should to increase the pollution taxes on gasoline because the it have the make the large size of accident when the gasoline pipe have broken into the forest or mountain. These statement is the simplicity. It have asking about the just gasoline so it is can concentrated to pay the pollution taxes. We must be increase the pollution taxes from the gasoline.

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