Monday, September 19, 2016

Population Tax On Gasoline

     I think that the government is right because it is its just a little bit lower than double the price and other people need to benefit from selling it too. If the price was doubled or over doubled it would be them kinda screwing us over and cheating us with the prices. Other people need to make money and it wouldn't be fair to them to sell it for the price it costs so it should be close to doubled but too close. People should not raise the price as high as they do for some things because it's unfair to the people wasting their money buying those items. It's very wrong when people do that because barley anyone has money anyway and that's just them taking more and more from us. 
     I think that it's wrong because they first of all over price everything and gasoline is one of the main things that they over price and it one of the biggest main issues. If the government didn't overprice everything and take all of everyone's hard earned money from them there wouldn't be so much crisis in this world. Maybe the government should try focusing on reserving money and if they need it they should legally be able to make money for them to use to a certain extent, not taking everyone's money and not overpriceing everything so that it blows our wallets empty.
     I do not think they should raise the tax on gasoline but they shouldn't not raise it. They need to find a good amount that's not too much or not to little because it it super expensive right now and to this day there's no one who's happy with the prices of gas which eventually is gonna get worse. The government has to figure its stuff out before people get even more unhappy they are now.

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