Thursday, September 8, 2016

Punishment for cheating should be harsher. Cheating in school should be punished with getting an f in the class. Also for repeating offenses students should be suspended or even expelled. Expulsion is a harsh punishment because students loose credit for the classes that they have taken and have to go to school for at least a yer longer usually. (

Other people think that punishments are to harsh. Some people think that an after school detention to make up a alternet test is a good punishment. Some people say for the first offense the school should just tell the students parents that they cheated. If people have to stay after school, they will most likely not cheat again. (

I believe that the punishment for cheating is good right now. I think that the teacher should decide what to do for the punishment. I think that a detention to make up a test is a good punishment. For the first offense telling the parents is somtimes sufficient. In conclusion i think that non harsh punishment is fine for cheating and cheating is not that big of a deal.


  1. I disagree with your last paragraph, more specifically your last sentence. Cheating is a huge deal, your taking credit for work you didn't even do. Cheating won't get you anywhere because in school everything is compounding, so if you cheat and don't know the subject you never will and will never be prepared for the next level, cheating is a big deal your only setting yourself up for failure.

  2. Brendan, I'm gonna have to disagree with you. Cheating is a big deal, and lots of people get away with it. If a CEO cheats (frauds) his company, he's going to jail. I think we should punish cheaters more in school, so that higher end cheating doesn't happen in the future.

  3. I not not believe that cheating should have as harsh of a punishment as it has now. I believe that if a student cheats on a test, that they should be held after class, and forced to learn all of the test. Student who cheat might not be bad people, but forced to cheat because of pressure of expectations.

  4. I dont not agree with this because if it a light punishment they could just keep doing it and not thinking it really bad. Also they will have this as a bad habit that could badly affect them in the future. They could even end up ruining there friend ships with people and even not make any because nobody going to want to hang out with someone like that.


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