Wednesday, September 7, 2016

School Cheating

Many students in class often cheat on homework or tests. How could teachers stop students from cheating? Many have look towards harsh punishments to discipline the students caught cheating. According to Education Law. The school that has a tough policy on cheating. Students will think long and harder about whether to cheat on test. (Education Lawyers,, 2016). If schools have a harsher policy on cheating in their policy not only will the students know but also the parents. That than will also make it harder for students to think about cheating.

People also say that punishments for cheating shouldn't be too harsh. Education Law says that it should vary depending on their age or grade in school and their history ( Education Lawyers,,2016). I think that it does depend on their age and history, since you don't want to punish a fourth grader as a high schooler. You also don't want to punish a high schooler like a fourth grader too. You should also look their history. If they have never committed any acts of cheating or plagiarism but just now then the punishment shouldn't be to harsh. IF they do have a bad history of cheating then the punishment can be harsher, since they haven't learned their lesson from the first few punishments.

What I think about punishments now is that their okay. I don't think they should be a bit stricter. If they do cheat on tests an quizzes they will get a good grade but they won't learn anything though, since they cheated. If they are caught getting a zero on a big test or quiz is already scary as they get a failing grade or even fail the class. I think that that is already a good punishment. As for the people who don't cheat their reward is getting a good grade in the class and learning something that will aid them in the future.  

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  1. I think that the punishments should be harsher because that way the students would have a reason to not cheat. If they knew that they would automatically fail the class if they were caught cheating then, the students would not cheat in the first place. That way cheating could be stopped entirely instead of cheating being a thing all students do because they don't fear the consequences.


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