Wednesday, September 7, 2016

School Cheating

1. Cheating in school is a major problem and many schools are taking action to stop it. Many consequences can be as harsh as getting an F in the class to getting expelled. "Cheating at school happens often and at practically all grade levels. It's a growing problem and one parents and schools need to address."(Education Lawyers,, 2016). Students have multiple reasons why they cheat but that does not mean they have the right to and they need to pay the price.
2. Students perform all kinds of cheating while in the class room. "it’s really crucial to remember that there are different kinds of plagiarism, and treating them all alike is like claiming that a candy-bar thief should be punished like Bernie Madoff."(Teleogistic,, 2016). I believe that students at a a lower grade level should be punished differently than high school students for example. Grade school children when caught cheating should be taught a lesson and on the other hand high school students should be given a fair warning and the next time it will end in legal trouble. Often students are feared of failing and or being ineligible and don't mean their actions of cheating.
3. I believe that if you are caught cheating, you should pay the price. You are stealing other peoples work and taking credit for it. My opinion is young students should be taught the lesson that cheating is bad while older students should be familiar with the consequences. If you are caught you need to pay the price, even if you are a good student that could all go away with one simple peek at a friends paper.

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