Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Should gas pollution taxes be raised? Well raising taxes on gasoline could have a lot of benefits. If we    Raised tax the extra money goes back. ("The extra money colllected at the pump goes right back into the u.s economy." Thewashingtonpost.com, 2016). While raising tax on gas this could help with pollution. More money on gasoline, less people drive.
 On the other hand, of raising taxes on gasoline, could be bad. Raising tax on gas is kinda waste. ("Every 1$ of gas tax, Washington wastes 20% to 30% in needless regulation that jack up highway construction cost" mclntosh, usatoday.com 2015). Raising tax on the pump is a old out dated way to restruct our infrastructure.
  I believe that both raising and getting rid of tax will help. There needs to be a better incentive for our usage on gasoline. ("10 percent increase in gasoline prices would decrease gas consumption by 4.3 picker, nber.org, 2016). Raising tax on gasoline prices per gallon could decrease how many people will drive for transportation.

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