Thursday, September 22, 2016

Should the government subsidize college? -Clare Flowers

Subsidizing college is the most important investment the government can make. By making college cheaper or even free the economy as a whole would be more educated. According to Kieth Button, " Judging from the results of the free community college program in Tennessee so far, enrollment would surge when high school students learned that their own community college would be free. An estimated 9 million students would benefit". Additionally, we would increase our funding for high education since it has dropped 29% from 2008-2012. We would be helping and encouraging the future generation to be a productive part of society.

The are three main reason why the government should not subsidize college. First, colleges already have set tuition rates relative to supply and demand, but government subsidies distort this process and inflate the cost. Secondly, "According to Ohio University economist Richard Vedder, by the year 2000, the Mitten State was spending the sixth most in the country, double what Illinois was spending and much more than Ohio. This did not lead to higher growth as Michigan’s economy performed among the worst in the country during that time period." This proves that there is no correlation between higher college subsidies and economic development. Lastly, students would be incentivized to take high school more serious and the job of a teacher would be made easier. They would spend less time disciplining their students. Not only would they have harder working students, they would have students who would treat them with more respect and who would disrupt the classroom less.

In my opinion, the government should not stop funding college education. Most of this nation is not able to afford college outright, which means that most student coming out of college have to start out their adulthood in a pot of huge debt that's increasing (interest). That could discourage anyone not to go to college. I think it would be a good idea to make community colleges free because it would open the door for so many underprivileged kids and also it would solve our problem of education equality.

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