Thursday, September 1, 2016

Should High School students be required to do Service Hours to graduate? I think it would be a good idea to the kids who are interested in it, and experiencing new things. According to Dr. Tassone, it is important for students to give back to the community that have for years provided them with a public education. Dr.Tassone also said that it gives the students an opportunity for new experiences. (Sallow, New York Times, 1994) I agree with this but I think it should be optional.  I think it would be good for some students to actually get out there and help the community.

Service hours can also be a not so good thing. In certain settings, you may have to pay for some things or it might put strain on your body. According to Rebecca Lake, volunteering can be time consuming, and other areas of your life are being neglected. (Lake, a People Of Our every day Life, 2016) I agree with this. Your health should come first!

I think that helping the community is a good thing, and more people should do it, but you shouldn't overdo it. People should give back to the community, and I think it would be good for high school students to get out and help. School districts could also make it a class so students do it while in school, and don't have to forget about their life at home. Not everyone has the time due to jobs and other activities.

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  1. I don't think schools should do this because it could become to much for students to do. Offering a class for students to do this could become a problem because you really aren't learning anything even though it may help out the school or community. I think students would take a class like that just to get out of doing school. Many students do more then just going to school like sports and clubs so I think many won't have the time do this and still do good in school a sports.


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