Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Should punishments for cheating in school be harsher?

Some believe that the punishments for cheating should be harsher than they are currently. Some have valid points. According to people at, they believe that if students are caught cheating that the teacher of the class should be able to decide what the punishment is as harsh as it may be. They say that they feel immediate removal of the class should be in order and that expulsion may not be a bad route to take either(pbs,, 2013).
Although some people say the punishments should be harsher, others have a soft spot and don't feel the need for such a punishment. According to the people at, when a student is caught cheating teachers should simply talk to them about it first. They believe that when a student is caught cheating that the teacher should talk to them after class and give them a warning. After the warning has been given then they can give them a punishment(education law lawyers,,2016).
In my opinion, I think there can be harsher punishments, but only to a certain degree. For example, if a student is caught cheating they will most likely receive a zero on the test. This is a reasonable punishment. If a student is caught cheating and the teacher can take their drivers license or possibly removes them from the course, I feel that would be a little much. But I do believe that if their are multiple offenses of cheating by the same student, harsher punishments should be used such as restricting a drivers license or removal from a course.

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