Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Steven Gottwald

                           There should be tougher punishments for students who cheat. Obviously they are taking the easy way to getting a good grade and breaking the law and rules. The only way to completely end the cheating is to really hit home with the punishments for being caught. "...the student who gets caught cheating will - or at least should - feel an immediate response from his parents and the school. The punishment should vary depending on the age of the student or his school level, of course. After all, a fifth grader who sneaks a peek at a spelling word shouldn't be punished as harshly as a high school student who plagiarizes a term paper." ( I agree with this, the level of class or grade that your in should vary the consequences, so the older and more important the classes and tests becoming should also increase the serverity of the punishment.

                           On the flip side punishments shouldn't be too outrageous for getting caught cheating. I mean everyone does it so are they going to fail a entire class and kick them out of school, of course not. I feel that with cheating if you get caught you should have options depending on your offense. “If all of these consequences are enforced, there’s no reason to have further punishments,” Dr. Munson says. “The best ‘punishment’ is for them to acknowledge what they’ve done wrong, take steps to reconcile with their teacher, and learn to make better choices next time.”( I agree with this quote, there needs to be a understanding between the student and teacher about why they did it instead of just assuming the worst even though that is the case a majority of the time.

                  In my opinion I think the punishment for cheating needs to be firm and tough against the offender. There's no reason for it in today's world, there is so much help out there, it just takes the motivation of that individual to understand the class and concepts. The punishments need to be embarrassing for the students and hurt them academically for their offense. We baby kids too much as it is, I think it's time to crack down on them because everyone else is working for their grades, so why can't you.


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  1. I disagree because if the punishment is that it hurts the student academically, then the student will have an even worse grade and think that they need to cheat even more. I think the way to deal with cheating is to find better ways to find out if a student is cheating because then if the student knows that they will get caught then they will be less likely to do it. The biggest reason people cheat is because they think they won't get caught so it doesn't really matter what the punishment is since they don't even think that they will get caught.


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