Thursday, September 8, 2016

Steven Gottwald
Glass Ceiling

                    The glass ceiling for women might have men to blame. The reason men are to blame for the glass ceiling for women is because men are usually seen as being more aggressive than females physically and when in a professional setting dealing with being the head of a business. "We work just as hard as men and therefore we deserve to be paid equally. But while there are many women's organizations demanding equality in the workplace..."( I agree with this quote, women do work just as hard as men and can be just as smart if not smarter than some, so why should there be a difference in pay? I believe it shouldn't matter whether or a man or not if you get the position you should be paid the full amount for what your work is worth.

                     This issue of the glass ceiling being men's fault is a little over the top. Women might actually have themselves to blame for the inequality in pay. "The women who complain about inequality in the workplace are often the same women who want flexible work schedules or other benefits so that they can have it all. For many, having it all means deciding that you want to have a career and raise a family – and that's ok. You can have it all. However, you can't expect to be the CEO of a large multinational corporation if you don't put in the time to get there. And let's not forget that, according to a recent survey of 4,000 employees at big companies, 36 percent of men said they want to be CEO, whereas only 18 percent of woman said the same. Let's acknowledge the choices we make and not blame others for the results."( The women are the ones who want or need the time off for families, which means they aren't at work making decisions and bettering the company, so why in return should the company pay them at the normal amount if they can't be there some of the time.

       I think the glass ceiling isn't the men's fault. The reason I say this is because of the fact that women want and need more time for their families, not saying that men don't too, but women are the ones who need time off for child birth and or want time away for their families. On top of that we also have women giving their own opinions that they don't want to be CEOs in the first place, so that would further more push employers from choosing a women for that job. My solution is that we need to stop talking about the glass ceiling and move on and do some thing about it if they really want to see a difference. "Perception is reality, and because we waste a lot of energy believing and put up with the idea that there is this metaphoric barrier in our way, it's killing our confidence. Everyone faces obstacles in their careers – even men. If you really want to get ahead you must tune out that noise and just go for it. When we pay attention to this so-called glass ceiling, we give it validation and, in turn, invalidate ourselves. Just because there is an obstacle in your way doesn't mean you have to accept it. Figure out a way to climb over it or maneuver around it. And if you figure out that you are at a dead end in your current job, do something about it."( I agree with what this quote says, especially since it's comming from a woman in the first place, it shows first hand that we need to stop talking and start working.


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