Thursday, September 1, 2016

Steven Gottwald
Student Service hours

       Student service hours can be a good thing. When trying to go off to college that's what they look for, how involved are you as a student. Student service hours could increase your chance of going to college and becoming successful as well as help you learn responsibility in taking care of you community. "I want to emphasize to students that excellent citizenship and giving to others not only helps others but makes you feel better about yourself,'' Dr. Gordon said. ''Everything today is about what kids get -- toys and computers -- and in school it's important to teach what students can give.''( I agree with this quote it shows how giving service hours to the community can be a good thing, it helps you to learn citizenship and feel better about yourself and your community but at the same time your also helping others.

      Student service hours could also become a negative. Forcing student service hours can cause students not want to do it even more, it also would cut into students with already very busy schedules. "Students who are forced to do community service will grow to resent it, making them less likely to volunteer in their communities after college" ( agree with this quote, if students are going to volunteer they should do it on their own you can't force them because that takes the whole point out of "volunteering".

   In my opinion I do think student community service hours should be a thing. From the majority of articles I've reviewed I've seen that the majority of people have actually enjoyed the community service hours and said that helping out actually made them better as a person and student. I think community service hours can be a good thing for kids as long as the school doesn't force a ridiculous amount of time needed to graduate and gives the students plenty of options on where they could potentially go and volunteer at, but they would need a certain amount of hours by their senior year to graduate.

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