Friday, September 23, 2016

Subsidizing college for kids that attend a college in their home state would provide many benefits. For example, it would lower poverty, provide better education for the less wealthy, and give people job opportunities. Also the more educated a person is the less likely they are to commit crime so crime rates could also go down. "By raising the bar and building off more two-year degrees, more people would be encouraged to receive their bachelor degree." ( I agree that subsidizing college would increase the incentive to get your degrees and be more successful in life as well.

However there are a couple cons, One of those cons is the cost. If we were to subsidize college we would be spending a huge amount of money. Also there is a chance that the people that get free college would dropout, community colleges have a high drop out rate at about 65%. "The estimated cost of the program, over 10 years, is $60 billion." ( our country is already in massive debt so this would only increase that debt.

I believe that we should not subsidize college. The reason being is that we already have a similar program that allows 7/10 students to go to community college for under $ 1,000 and 2/5 of those students go for no cost at all. If we were to subsidize college this would only lead to increase taxes and more debt, there fore we should not subsidize college more than we already do.

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  1. I think that college education should be subsidized. Just because some community colleges allow students to go to their school for cheaper doesn't mean that college shouldn't be subsidized.


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