Thursday, September 22, 2016

Subsidizing College

There is no valid argument that questions the idea of a smarter nation typically being better off than one of less intelligence. This is why subsidizing college may be a good thing. Subsidizing college has been proven to directly increase the amount of students enrolled (Foundation for Economic Education,, 2015). This is a very good thing that comes out of subsidizing and is one of the biggest arguments in favor of it. The problem with this increased amount of enrollment is that taxpayers must pay for even more students, even as tuition skyrockets.

As I briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are some major problems with subsidizing college, and that is the increased price of tuition. The taxpayer dramatically increases the price of tuition, making the taxpayer and the student have to pay more (Forbes,, 2015). Not only is this needlessly wasting taxpayer's money, but it is making school more expensive for the students, the people the program should be helping. Making everything more expensive makes this another policy that inflates the dollar, creates debt, and hurts the economy.

I think our government should get rid of college subsides. They hurt everyone involved and lead to more unwanted debt. The only party who benefits from the system is colleges themselves, not even the students it was designed to help (Capitalism Magazine,, 2016). If we were to get rid of the subsidies, students would pay less for college, and the taxpayer would not have to pay as much. This would create a much stronger and more educated nation, the one the subsidies fail to create.

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  1. There are some college students who end up with debts for years after they've graduated. If they get subsidies then that payment will be gone sooner, and then they can help pay other students with subsidies.


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