Thursday, September 22, 2016

Subsidizing College

The government should subsidize college tuition because it helps students get into less debt than they would if they had to pay for all of their tuition alone. It's better for students to receive Governemnt aid because federal student loans are about $10 billion a year, and grants to colleges and universities are 2.5 billion a year" (downsizing Also, if the government subsidizes higher education then that helps students to move forward in their education instead of feeling like they need to drop out and work to start paying for the money they own. As a society everyone is encouraged to go to school ad get an education. If students are actually going to college then the government should subsidize tuition since students are trying to move forward in the education. However, the Governemnt shouldn't subsidize college tuition because it'll be even more expensive for the Governemnt to have to pay more for tuition. If the government subsidizes college tuition then the U.S's debt will only grow. Federal money flowing into this area allows more students to borrow more money to go to schools they might not otherwise attend. And this gets us into our current crisis, with over $1.2 trillion in outstanding student loan debt.( In my opinion I believe the Governemnt should keep funding college education. Colleges ask for way too much money from students and its almost impossible to pay it all off. If it costs that much just to go to college then the Governemnt should at least help pay for it. Otherwise, something about making college more affordable should be done.

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