Friday, September 23, 2016

Subsidizing college

An argument that could be made in favor of the government subsidizing college is that it will make it much cheaper for students to enroll. Because college is so expensive, a lot of people would not be able to afford college without government subsidies. "Today, 71% of students earning a bachelor's degree will graduate with debt, which averages $29,400." ( The article states that most of the students that graduate college still have debt when they graduate. And so without government subsidies that percentage would be a lot higher.

       A reason government subsidies towards college is that subsidies actually raise the price of tuition. "The report’s findings show that of all three programs the Federal Direct Subsidized Loans generated a 65 cent-on-the-dollar increase on college tuition," (Ethan Stoetzer,, 8/20/15) The article talks about how when the government raised subsidies on college tuition it actually raised the average price of tuition for students. So it's actually doing the opposite of what people want and it's costing the tax payers more money. The government also should not be responsible for paying students tuition on higher education.

        I think that the government shouldn't give subsidies on college tuition. They already provide education from kindergarten through grade 12 so higher education should be left to students to pay for. And when the government does give subsidies it just raises the price of tuition so it hurts all college students. Students would also generally not try as hard in school because it's mostly not their money that they are spending so it means less to them.


  1. Why should they raise tuition the whole purpose you want people to afford it to get education

  2. Students shouldn't be left to pay for their college tuition alone. College tuition costs too much so the government should at least help to pay for some of it. I disagree that students might try less just because they're not the ones paying for their tuition. If students know they have a bigger opportunity to receive aid from the government then maybe they might try harder at school so the government keeps helping them with tuition.

  3. How does it raise the tuition cost if the Goverment is paying money to lower it that's the exact opposite of what they are paying to do

  4. I disagree with this opinion because it would be more beneficial for the economy if the government kept providing subsidies. 1) A lot more students would go to college if it was more affordable. 2) people would go to to college longer and not settle for shorter degrees. 3) people would have more professional and higher paying jobs which means more money for local business and less people receiving government aid.


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