Thursday, September 22, 2016

Subsidizing College

     Should the government subsidize college? I think the government should subsidize college because college is hard to pay for and since the taxpayers help pay for a lot of things why not add to the list of things taxpayers pay for. Students going to college can't pay for it most of the time anyway so if you live in the state there should be subsidies because that way students can pay for it easier ( Tom Warstall,, 2016). If college is more affordable then more people would be going to college to get a degree or to get more skills for a job that they want in the future.
     Should college be subsidized? I think it shouldn't be because it is not helping students now. Earlier in our county's history the subsidized colleges would have been a great idea because it helped so many students pay off their loans after college. But nowadays, it is totally different. Right now most students leave college with $25,250 from loans and done of them can't even get a job to pay that money back to the bank (Mary Cary,, 2016). I think that if students need to get three jobs because they can't pay for college even if they had the subsidied total its just not enough money to help people when they are out of college.
     In my opinion, I really like it that colleges are being subsidized. I like this because I am a student and being a student I don't have that much money to spend for college. I believe that when I go to college that the taxpayers money will definitely help me and thousands of other people go to college (Jarrett Skorup,, 2016). College is very expensive and any effort that the government is trying todo to help students pay for college is a great idea.

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  1. Your argument for free college only states that because it is helping you, it should be passed. People love when things are given to them for free, but people hate when things are taken away from them and they don't benefit. Subsidizing college will put more stress on the taxpayer because as it is now, taxes would have to be raised to a drastic percentage. This is especially true when you take in account how colleges have proven to raise their prices every time the government tries to subsidize more. You may like it when you are receiving it, but you will hate it when your wages are cut in half because you have to pay for kids, who may not even deserve, so they can go to school.


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