Thursday, September 22, 2016

Subsidizing the future

1) 1 reason we should subsidize education at public universities is because it gives the future smarter more intelligent future for those who want to go to college (About 60 percent of the college’s 1,438 students come from outside ) this shows Iowa is doing something right if we are attracting this many people from out of our state to get a better education witch in the future these smart young minds will make the next generation intelligent and help the country overall in medical and scientific breakthroughs along will making the average man that much smarter.

2) A reason agenst this is it takes students from other colleges and by giving them more incentive to come here giving Iowa public schools a over abundance of students where private schools only have some many as shown by again (The 15,000-student community college had a 17 percent enrollment decline this summer, Starcevich said. He blamed some – but not all – of that decline on the University of Iowa, which offered free summer tuition to its students who had successfully completed 20 credit hours or more in the past year.) this shows that students flock to the cheaper school leaving other universities to be less successful and maybe just go out of business .

3) I think cheaper public college is a good thing it makes it easier for smart kids with little money to get an education so they can make a life for themselves rather then the economic barrier to hold them back because he is too poor if he is smart enough and he tires hard enough he can make it and if other schools fail its there fault for making kids pay too much for education and therefore not allowing us to have it at all

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