Friday, September 23, 2016

Subsidizing Students Kranovich

1) Should the government subsidize college? Yes, the government should subsidize college. By granting free college, more and more people will be able to receive a higher education. Cost aside, President Obama and the White House have worked with Michigan community colleges to maintain free college for community college students. Not only have more people gone to college, but more people are getting into the workforce, " the White House said that the Labor Department's grants, which will be distributed among 46 public-private partnerships, are expected to create over 34,000 apprenticeships"(, Baskin, 2015). Subsidizing college would allow for those who can't pay for college, the opportunity to go to college. No matter the price, the government should subsidize college because it helps lots of people.  

2) Should the government subsidize college? No, of course the government should not subsidize college. Not only does government funded college discriminate against blue collar workers who don't want or have to go to college, but government funded college also increases tuition prices and makes the 'government' pay more. When I say government, I really mean taxpayers. Ever since the U.S congress passed a bill stating that veterans returning from World War II would receive free college, Universities have used this to raise their tuition costs knowing that the 'government' will be paying, not the student. This practice is still common today and in a 2015 study by the New York Federal Reserve Bank concluded that, "institutions more exposed to changes in the subsidized federal loan program increased their tuition disproportionately around these policy changes, with a sizable pass-through effect on tuition of about 65 percent." What does this mean? This means that the 'government (the taxpayer)' will have to pay more and more for college tuition in taxes. People are caught by phrases like 'free college' but college really wouldn't be free, the taxpayer would be heavily affected by a tax to pay for free college. On top of all of this, people who go to community college, or go directly into the workforce would receive different treatment for the same cost.

3) While searching for articles on these topics, I found it very hard to find anything in favor of subsidizing college. Why? Besides the fact that it is a terrible idea pledged by people fighting for votes, it also is not in the realm of feasibility. This is very much an issue of the left and right, and once again the left fights for votes by continuing their practices of cronyism. Subsidizing college disproportionately discriminates against blue collar workers because they have to pay the same tax, but not benefit from the tax itself. Free college may sound great, but what doesn't sound great is having to pay very high taxes so people, whether they deserve it or not, can go to college for 'free.'

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