Thursday, September 22, 2016

Subsidizing Students

1. If college was subsidized many people could be given a chance to expand their education and get into a better job. "Making two years of community college free would help close the gap between the haves and have nots in the U.S., especially at a time when many believe that universal education to the community college level is inevitable. By raising the bar and building off more two-year degrees, more people would be encouraged to seek a bachelor’s degree." (Keith Button,, 2015). If students could get 2 years of college for free that could lead to more of a degree. If we can get people to got to college that could potentially result in more jobs.
2. College should not be subsidized because that will increase debt tremendously. If college was free, more students would go but that does not mean that is a good thing. Many students just aren't ready for college and they should not be there. "Additional tax funds, interest rate cuts, repayment caps and loan forgiveness plans would be used to make college a virtually debt-free experience." (Daily Journal,, 2016). This country can not afford to pay more for free education.
3. I believe that college should not be subsidized, we can't afford to pay for other people tuition. Many students shouldn't even be in there and it it useless to pay for them. If you want free college you should work hard throughout high school to help with the cost of college. If college was free I also think the students would not put out their best work because they didn't pay a large sum of money to be there.If you don't feel like paying for college you should not go at all.


  1. I agree that if you don't want to go to college you shouldn't go and that that money isn't being used properly. But if you are struggling with money and you want to go to college but don't have the grades or participate in sports enough to get schoolarships then it is a great idea to have college subsidies in my opinion. If we didn't have these subsidies then most people wouldn't be able to further their education and only the rich would be the ones going to college. If this is the case then I would start a class system making the rich superior to the poor.

  2. I disagree that if students weren't to pay for college that they wouldn't try. Maybe some wouldn't, but there are students who do pay for just about all of their tuition and don't try.


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