Thursday, September 22, 2016


             Subsidizing for college students is a good thing because one it helps many afford it.  This is helping many students be able to go and get a better education (button,  This is helping many students benefit and get a better job when they are all done.  By students getting a better education they will get good jobs and better our economy.  Subsidizing is a very good thing for college students that maybe could not pay for all of their tuition.
             Subsidizing is not a good thing because it is costing the us a lot of money.  The us is spending money on students tuitions when we could be spending it on other better things.  The federal government has spent more than $80 billion each year on subsidizing tuition fees (  This money could have gone to other things like the debt we have or anything else.
             I think it is a good thing to have subsidizing but I dont think we should be spending this much money on it. I think insted of paying about ⅔ of students tuition maybe it would be better if we just spent like ¼.  Then if we dont spend all this money of the tuitions we could be paying for other things.  I think we need to keep it though or tuition could end up costing way too much and students wont want to go to school anymore.    

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