Thursday, September 8, 2016

The glass ceiling for women is a hard obstacle to get pass. Is it because of men? What AOL news say is that the men tend to overestimate how their bosses would rate them, albeit slightly.  Women on the other hand, low-balled, their bosses' perspective by an average of 11 percent. (Tom Johansmeyer,, 2009). I myself don't know if this is true or not, but if it is then men would try their hardest to excel their bosses' expectations. Making it easier for them to get promoted. If women do low-balled their bosses' expectations then it would be harder for them to get promoted as they think their bosses' expectations are average.

Many say that the glass ceiling that a women employee faces is not a mans fault. what Lindsay Broder say is that perception is reality, and because we waste a lot of energy on believing and putting up with the idea that there   is this metaphoric barrier in our way, it's killing conference. Everyone faces obstacles in their career even men. (LindsayBroder,, 2013). I think that this is true, because everyone has an obstacle in their career. For women this glass ceiling is only an idea that they have, dragging them down. IF women workers get rid of this mental limiter than they might be able to get farther.

My opinion on this topic is that I think that the glass ceiling is a mental limiter. If women workers in a men dominated work place constantly think that they can't reach the same level as their male counterpart then that would effect their mindset about working. Its not exactly the men at fault since from an unbiased point of view someone who is not efficient at their work would be less likely to be promoted. I don't blame anyone for the glass ceiling as I think that it is a mental thing limiting people from their true expectations.

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