Friday, September 9, 2016

The Glass Ceiling

It is always easier to blame someone else for something you can't have or do. But in this case I think that men should be blamed for this "glass ceiling". People always say that a women isn't as strong as a man, or she can't do what a man can do and I think that is why the glass ceiling exists. According to a recent study in the Wall Street Journal, men make up to 66% of middle management, 86% of over all executive suit and 96% of CEO positions.(Broder.entrrenuer.2013) I don't think that men are to blame for the glass ceiling, although most men do think they are better than women because they are stronger, and can work harder and longer.

Men shouldn't be blamed for the glass ceiling because it's not necessarily their fault. Yeah they make more than women, and some men are stronger than most women, but it is still not their fault. Perception is reality, and a lot of people are stuck believing that there is this metaphoric barrier in their way. Everyone faces obstacles in their career, even men. But women are not to blame for it, (Broder.entrreprenuer.2013)

I don't think that men or women are to blame for this glass ceiling. "When people pay attention to the glass ceiling we give it validation, and in return we invalidate ourselves. Just because there is an obstacle in your way, doesn't mean that you have to accept it." You can work as hard and long as you want and you shouldn't let another person or this thing called the "glass ceiling" stop you from achieving your goals. I think a solution would be that all people should just be treated equally when it comes to work. Men should be able to do women's jobs and vice versa. 

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