Monday, September 12, 2016

The Glass Ceiling

     I think men are to blame because there sexist when they shouldn't be and its wrong of the men to do that in several ways. They treat women like they can't do as much as men can and are not capable of being able to do anything of the sort. Men shouldn't have the right to pay someone less because of the sex someone is. Women are just as capable of doing the jobs men do and doing the jobs the men do the same way so they shouldn't be paid less because people are sexist. If anything women have just as much rights to get the same amount of money saying that there's a lot of single moms taking care of there kids working multiple jobs cause the dad left.
      Men are not 100% to blame for this, mainly just our corrupted government that decided to do what they please taking what they want from us using whatever excuses they can to get more for themselves such as The Glass Ceiling. This would leave men to do nothing but accept because of how sexist they were and still are. The government does whatever they can to get themselves more money because there greedy and want more for themselves taking whatever they can get and as much of it as they can get.
     The fix I say we should get for this is give us more money and the government less and give men and women both equal pay. The government gets taxes on literally, every, single, thing, they have and make themselves enough money to support themselves for a long time saying that they have all of the money we work hard for taking about half or more of our paychecks. The pay between all sexes should be equal because both sexes are capable of being able to do either or what job they say men or woman and or can not do. Everybody does what ever they can in anyway they can to get as much money as them can.

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