Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Glass-Ceiling

1) Men are to blame for the "glass-ceiling" for women. When men are seen to be aggressive, it is a positive thing; however, when women are seen to be aggressive it is a negative thing. Men see women as incapable to receive as much money as men make in the same jobs. A study by the Wall Street Journal showed that 80% of women said that there were disadvantages of being a women in the workplace and that they felt that men didn't take them seriously (, 2014). Men create the glass-ceiling when they don't believe in their women coworkers.

2) Men are not to blame for the "glass-ceiling" for women. Society is the real blame for the glass-ceiling. There is a prejudice against women who try to go for jobs that are predominately held by men, and vice versa. According to the Huffington Post, men find that there is a "glass-floor" in healthcare and education professions (Clements,, 2014). Society judges men and women for different areas of work. If men were to blame for the glass-ceiling, then women must be to blame for the glass-floor. However, society is the one to blame.

3) I don't think men can be blamed entirely for the glass-ceiling; I think society is to blame. Sure, men input into the glass-ceiling but they didn't create it. Society creates the glass-ceiling in many jobs and vice versa for men. Women are more predominant in healthcare and education jobs, and men are more predominant in high level corporate jobs. A solution to this glass-ceiling is that society as a whole should pay women the same as men for doing the same job. If anyone can do a job well, they should be rewarded for their efforts no matter what gender.

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