Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tuition subsidy

    In favor of subsidizing tuition fees, people are already paying more than enough to go to college. Some people are coming out of college with 6 digit sized debts, and some may never pay that off. It's clear that it's not working already as the debt keeps rising over the years, so, something needs to be done about it.
     Because subsidies are rising so much, inflation in tuition is as well, ironically. "That is because the rise in student subsidies over the decades has fueled inflation in education costs" ( If we brought down the amount of subsidies...maybe students wouldn't have to pay so much.
      I don't really know where to stand. This is one of those cases that should be obvious but I can't decide. Giving more money just means more money to pay- nice touch of irony, and taking away means MAYBE less money to pay...but still money you'd have to pay for alone.

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