Friday, April 28, 2017

     Would a gas pollution tax be a good thing for our society? Some say it would for one huge reason. The money earned could be used to fix the crumbling roads and bridges in America. "a good opportunity for state governments to raise their gasoline taxes to help pay for road repairs and other needed transportation investments" (, Jan. 15, 2016). This tax would allow for the unsafe roads and bridges in our country to be fixed. It could also be used for Illinois to finally pay for their side of the bridge. This tax would also help decrease pollution which would be great for the environment. A tax on gas could be a good thing for our economy.

     Although the benefits of a gas tax are great, is it worth it? Lots of people argue that a tax like this would take a huge toll on the middle class and by doing that taking money out of the economy. "It’s estimated that a 1 percent increase in gas prices takes $1 billion out of consumers’ pockets. That’s $1 billion dollars that could be spent on eating out, clothes, and leisure activities" (Emma Boone,, May 29th, 2015). By enacting this tax our environment might be better, but our economy will take a huge hit. Small businesses would be pushed to the limits. A tax on gas has benefits for the environment and the roads, but is terrible for the economy.

     Although I believe that a tax on gas is important to help stop climate change I don't think a tax like this should go into effect today. This is simply because it has no business efficiency. All businesses would suffer from a tax like this. The gas companies would see a decrease in consumption due to the tax and small businesses would also see a drop in consumption due to the need to save more money for gas. If a tax like this is started our roads might be fixed, but we will see unemployment and inflation in our society. A tax on gas is certainly for the future, but is not for today.

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