Friday, April 7, 2017

Pros and Cons of Required Service Hours

A pro for initiating a service hour requirement for Bettendorf High School graduation would be the substantial amount of skills a student would obtain. Volunteering at an office for an organization and filing papers or working with groups of people is a job skill many students need that can't be taught in the classroom (Cobb, United-way, 2013). Volunteering also allows the student to add more things to their resume which can make a huge difference to colleges. Overall Bettendorf should implement a program for students requiring volunteer hours.

A con for initiating a service requirement to graduate at Bettendorf High School is that a required service commitment may turn students away from volunteering in the future. Because the school commands students to do community service, students may become pressured and aggravated with making all the hours that they do not want to volunteer in the near future (Pearce, Classroom Synonym, 2017). Having students be turned off by volunteering when they are older is a huge waste of quality service some organizations may need. Requiring a service hour requirement increases the chance of kids not wanting to volunteer later in life.

I believe Bettendorf High School students should be required to have service hours in order to graduate because it gives students a chance to learn job-related skills at a young age. Volunteering could teach many students things they could not learn in the classroom that would help them develop social skills while working with people. It also adds things to your resume which will help you stand out more to college admissions when they see you are taking the time out of your day to service someone else for free.

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