Monday, April 10, 2017

     There are many pros to having service hours in school because it gets students involved with the community and there peers.  When a student volentirer it strengthen the community by many reasons. One reason would be supporting family's by either day care or elder care. Improving schools is also a bennifit by tutoring or literacy. Support youth also helps by mentoring a kid or after school programs. A good reason it's good is you could beauty the community by cleaning up beaches and parks.
     There are also bad qualitys about having service hours because some kids just don't have the time for it because of sports or family events. It's also bad because you have less time for school meaning you could possibly not pass classes because your so worried about having to do hours. Another good reason why not to have hours is because some people might not have the qualifications for the jobs.
     I don't think we should have in service because I feel like it's your choice into how much you contribute to the society and your choice on how hard you work. I believe that it should be a choice and them it would determine on what type of person you are and what your willing to do for the community.

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