Thursday, April 20, 2017

Are men really the reason why the 'Glass Ceiling' is even a topic in today's society? Things will only start to change once we stop blaming women, and start challenging the flawed system they must navigate (, Gloudeman, 2015). Men could be the reason why the glass ceiling is a thing and maybe why it isn't still an "issue" today. Man has set the bar low for women and therefore they have not been able to work their way up through the 'Glass Ceiling."

On the other hand, women could be at fault as well. I feel women spend more time claiming that man has discriminized them or "put them down" than actually going out and getting jobs that would require them to get outside their comfort zone and eventually break the glass ceiling. Women are still far more timid in the workforce then men. Men are more likely to go ask for a raise or push themselves out of their comfort zone in order to achieve greatness. (, Goodson, 2008).
If women would just shut up about how men have put them down and actually went out and did something about it then things would probably change, if they need to at all.

In my opinion it is the women's fault they the can not break the glass ceiling. I mean Hillary Clinton was most qualified to be the Prseident of the United States and she still lost to Trump. That isn't mans fault that is her fault. We talk about the median in class and how you take the 50th man and woman and compare their salaries and the man has more money than the women. Maybe that man took more risk than the woman he was compared to and has achieved more. Men are more likely to promote themselves and even lie to do so (, Goodson, 2008). Basically a man is willing to do the extreme to achieve success when women will just settle, which is fine.

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