Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Are Men Responsible for Glass Ceiling

I do believe that men do have some responsibility in the whole glass ceiling thing. In the early years it's been all men doing everything and even back when just men worked paying jobs. It has been steadily increasing for the last 40 years, but it's still not equal, and most likely never will be. Men have made women feel less important and therefore they don't want to do important jobs. "This cage is held together by the misgivings we have about our ability to succeed and handle the demands of leadership without sacrificing our other aspirations outside the workplace" (Warrell,, 2013). If men didn't start off mistreating women, then I believe women would love to do all the important jobs, and even construction type jobs. I see men as creating the glass ceiling, only in the way of making them feel less wanted. 
The other side is that men aren't responsible for the glass ceiling. With everyone wanting to be treated equal today, I don't see why this is still even talked about anymore. You don't hear women complain of not getting higher up jobs, it's just that they usually don't want to do it. Applying yourself is the biggest thing in the workforce, and I don't see how that isn't the main reason for the pay gap. Men also ask for raises more and promotions, because we don't get feelings hurt if it doesn't happen. "The women who complain about inequality in the workplace are often the same women who want flexible work schedules or other benefits so that they can have it all" (Broder, www.entrepeneur, 2013). Women like to have everything their way and won't be flexible. Overall, I think women are to blame because of how they act and aren't as hungry for better positions. 
I believe men are not repsonsible for the glass ceiling in this day in age. It comes down to what women want in a job and how flexible they are. You can't take emotions into account and it also comes down to ambition. Women also like to complain, while men just keep it to themselves and don't make a scene. "68 percent of workplace bullying is same-sex harassment and of that 68 percent, 80 percent of cases are women-on-women harassment" (Broder,, 2013). Overall, I believe men are not in charge of the glass ceiling anymore, and it is getting better. 

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