Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Are men to blame for the glass ceiling, or pay discrepancy, for female workers? Some believe this is true because men have created the laws in favor of themselves. An article titled, ‘Now it's official: you can't blame women for earing less than men,’ written by Angelina Chapin in 2016, stated, “...women earn less because of good ol’ fashioned discrimination. It’s no surprise, since for most of history work cultures were created by men to help other men advance. The pay gap will only close once companies become environments that cater more to the female sex.” Men have been getting paid more for centuries because they are the ones creating the laws towards required work payments for men and women. 
Although that argument makes sense there are still other people who believe that men are not to blame for this pay disrepancy. “ and women aren’t paid the same amount of money because they are choosing to go into different professions, and the labor market rewards their choices differently. In other words: unequal work, hence unequal pay,” says an article titled, ‘What Gender Pay-Gap Statistics Aren't Capturing written by Bourree Lam in 2016. These people believe that women would be paid the same if they were choosing the same job positions as men. 
In my opinion, men are not entirely to blame for this pay discrepancy now, but they did have a big part in starting it. Even if it is a man who is deciding how much women are getting paid for their work that does not mean that all men are to blame for this problem. One solution for this is to show that women are all getting paid equally by data, and if the pay discrepancy does exist, find out why, and fix it. 


  1. I do not believe that men started the glass ceiling because it was women who decided how to act in their work place. I believe women are afraid to stand up to their bosses and have more confidence which makes their jobs more difficult. This has nothing to do with men.

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  3. I disagree because men think they have to make more money so they make all the men have a higher pay then woman. Men have created the lows and they do to better them and nit the woman. History showed they men have always done the work and woman would tipicly stay home with the kids so men would always get payed more in benefits fit


  4. I agree with men are not to blame, but I do not agree with the statment that men decide how much a woman makes. You are paid what you earn in your job, not based off of your gender or what a man decides you should earn. Also, I would not say men started this issue. I would say it is more of a society thing rather than a men look down on women problem.


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