Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Are Men to Blame for Women's Glass Ceiling

Some people believe that men are to blame for women's glass ceiling. They believe that men are sexist when employing people for there positions. According to, "jobs may be offered to a less qualified male applicant just because he is male"(Lahle Wolfe,, 2016). Women are also subject to be judged by what they look like and what they wear. Thus blaming men for profiling and being sexist in the workplace. When men are being sexist and profiling it does not allow women to get jobs they want, and does not allow them to break through the glass ceiling.

Blaming men for the women's glass ceiling is just the easy thing to do because women and others have no one else to blame but themselves. Men are not to blame in this day in age because of all of the freedom women have to do whatever they please. "The highest ranking women in most industries are in non-operating areas such as personnel, public relations, or, occasionally, finance specialties that seldom lead to the most powerful top-management posts." (Empowering women in Business,, 2014) This really is the reason why people believe that there is a "glass ceiling" for women, because they choose certain career paths that do not allow them to rise to the top. This is perfectly fine and their right but people cannot then blame men. 

I believe that men are not to blame for the women's glass ceiling, simply because women are not aggressive enough in the workplace. According to "The women who complain about inequality in the workplace are often the same women who want flexible work schedules or other benefits so that they can have it all" (Lindsay Broder,, 2013). This is another reason why no fault should be placed on men when most women who complain about inequality want all the other benefits of the job as well. One way to fix the inequality of pay between men and women is to have the same exact benefits for both and then talk about pay. 

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