Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bettendorf Economics Blog: ASSIGNMENT: Should punishments for cheating in school be harsher? (due Tues., April 18)

      Schools should have harsher punishments instituted for cheating. Having harsher punishments will deter future cheaters when they see their classmates made an example of. There are many student that do cheat on study's results were “in between 80 and 95 percent percent of high school students admitted to cheating at least once in the past year”( Tim Walker, neatoday 2012). Cheating will decrease and the students real test ability will be shown. This will also help the student for colleges and life where cheating is not accepted and punish harsher.

     Cheating should not have harsher punishments in place for students. Other solutions might serve better than just harsher punishment. One school found that “Our position favors less harsh penalties, more frequently applied,"( Jay Matthews, Washington Post 2001). The school found that student that got less punishment frequently would seize to cheat. Another problem with harsher punishment is the students may find a way to cheat their way out of it. One example of this would be to simply skip a detention.

      I believe that schools should have harsher punishments. As shown paragraph 1, there are a lot of student that cheat. This shows us that the system we have for cheating is massively failing. By having harsher punishments student would be to scared to risk chanting. Some examples of punishments could be cleaning the lunchroom, not being allowed school lunch for a week, and a class roast of the offender. This will decrease cheating and prepare students for the real world where cheating in dealt with very harshly.


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