Friday, April 28, 2017

Bettendorf Economics Blog: Assignment: Should the government increase its pollution tax on gasoline? (due Fri., April 28)

      Should the government put a pollution tax on gas company's? Yes the government should put a tax on gas company's. This will help fund great ferment projects in the cities. This will also give insensitive for gas companies to be innovative and come up with a non polluting energy source. 

     Should gas companies have a tax put on them for pollution?  No, doing this will only make it harder for everyone to obtain gas. This is almost a need for everyone in the U.S.  as most drive to work. It might even cause the business to either raise prices or lay off workers to get their revenue back.

      I think the government should not put a tax on gas. It is us fair under business effects. Then cost to buy gas will go up because of this tax this will affect the business and all those who purchase it. The government should also not restrict a business that sells gas since it is needed by everyone.

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  1. I think if the government were to put a tax on gas it would allow the businesses to run less efficiently, but the business wouldn't have to raise prices of gas or lay off workers in order to make ends meet. Which for me is a more important facet to the taxing of gas, because people will still have their jobs and don't have to start all over in finding a new job. Lastly, if there was a tax on gas businesses could lower their prices so that in the end the people who need gas won't have to find more money or just not buy gas in the first place with the prices being to high.


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