Friday, April 21, 2017

Cheating in School - Hayes

Cheaters should be punished harsher in school. Cheat on a test cheat on everything once a cheater always a cheater. If you're are in school and caught cheating you should be dropped from the class and in some cases placed in a lower level of the class you are taking for example, if you cheat in English 10 you could be dropped to English 9. This was done in a Californian high school, a student caught cheating in English was dropped to a lower level English with the idea that if he has to cheat to pass the higher class he must not be caught up enough to that level of English. (Jessica Carlson, 2013)

On the other hand why should children be punished I'm such a harsh way that could affect their future so much? In a religious point of view it is said all humans are born sinners. Cheating on a test, hiding and lying to a teacher is simply a child developing and later on will learn morals which schools do not teach. Teaching morals rather than punishing would be better, any positive reinforcement is better than negative punishment. (Ephesians 2:3)

I believe in the idea of everyone is a born sinner, no one is perfect. Schools should not be the decider for punishing students. I believe if it is to happen it should be handled with the students parents. With positive reinforcement I believe students would seize from cheating.

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