Thursday, April 13, 2017

Cheating in School

         Cheating in school has become a major thing that happens everyday. Many students don't even think about it when they are doing it because it has become so normal to them. Teachers don't discipline it like they probably should, so over the last decade or more, it has become not as big of a deal I'm taking it as. Students want to cheat because they know they can do it, but it also isn't as stood up against as in the past. "For cheating to be reduced, instead of seeing cheating as something that can’t be done, they must come to recognize that it should not be done. Removing the desire to cheat is the least immediately practical but most assured way of encouraging academic integrity" (uloop,, 2014). If the school system in America can make school less influential on life, then students would cheat less and get more out of it. If school wasn't so impactful on what we do later on in life, it would take away cheating. 
        Preventing cheating is almost impossible. Kids need good grades and want to look better to everyone else. Teachers don't usually do anything about it, and therefore the kids don't mind doing it all the time. Most people feel that cheating is so easy to do, that if they don't do it, they are missing out on a chance to do better, even if they think they don't need to cheat. "There's other people getting better grades than me and they're cheating. Why am I not going to cheat? It's kind of almost stupid if you don't" (ABC News,, April 29). Such a high percentage of people do it, at school or in the workforce, you might as well do it to keep up with them. With having little punishment, the world can get better by cheating of each other, even though that may sound bad. 
I believe that cheating is okay in the end. So many kids do it everyday and it's not punished well at all. As I said, we can get better off of cheating off one another, because we push each other to do better and 'work together'. It's very hard to punish cheating and to recognize it in the first place, so how is the world gonna crack down on cheating anyway. I like the world as it is today in this aspect and it's a very hard thing to fix, so why try doing something that won't work anyway. 

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  1. I think you kind of had the right idea about people cheating off of each other to better at something or to keep up with the competition. However, I think instead of using someone else's original ideas and taking credit for their work you should use someone else's work to formulate your original ideas.


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