Thursday, April 13, 2017

      Cheating is becoming easier and easier, with schools becoming more connected through the internet. With the new age of internet power and cheating sites, kids must be punished so they understand that cheating gets them no where and is easier to catch with the internet too. "Dr. Munson says the consequence will likely be decided by the teacher and may involve redoing the work, receiving a failing grade for the assignment, or detention. Embarrassment and guilt will naturally result, but this is how your child will learn." (Lisa A Goldstein,, April 23 2015). With a new and constantly changing environment. 
     Now a harsher punishment may not be exactly what is needed either, a kids become more defiant the more they are punished by their teachers. "...most teachers and principals argue strenuously that anything tougher for a first offense would be wrong."(Washington post, Jay Matthews, 10/28/01). Students who are given more than one chance after cheating, a chance to redeem themselves.
    Personally I believe cheating should be punished more, as many kids struggle to pass even the core classes. It isn't fair that someone can cheat and only get the bare minimum for a punishment. Cheating is a serious problem, much like plagiarism. It should be treated similarly or more harshly. 

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