Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cheating is a severe problem in many schools throughout the country and one main consequence for children is no after school activities during the week or weekend. The lesson should be learned that cheating is a big deal and should be taken seriously (Martindale, Education-lawyers, 2017). Cheating in schools sets children up for the rest of their lives causing them to cheat later on in life in things like college and the work place. Taking away a child's right to have fun activities or clubs shows the child that the issue of cheating is a big deal and is not taken lightly. Over 90% of children admitted to copying someone's test in school which is an extremely large number. Threatening to take away something the child enjoys would cause the child to see the wrong in what they are doing. 

Cheating ultimately relies only on the person who is doing the cheating which causes some schools to not punish their students. Instead of failing the student immediately or not allowing them to participate in certain activities some schools just let the student off with a warning. Cheating can permanantely haunt an academic career which makes the chance of students encountering a teacher who knows they cheat very likely. For some this punishment is enough because it is the students responsisbilty to uphold themselves in school (Hearst, Education. Seattle, 2017). Not choosing to punish students for their cheating makes the student realize their reputation and the effects it has on them. 

I believe students should be faced with a warning and just a failing grade when they have been caught cheating. The act of cheating ultimately relies on yourself because you chose to do it. I think the consequences of cheating should be kept to a minimum and should mostly let the student worry about it. Having teachers know you cheat and the failed courses appear on your record is enough for any student to want to stop cheating.  

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  1. Students should have harsher punishments because it will stop cheating even more. Since many students are still cheating keeping punishments at a minimum will solve minimum amount of cheating. To stop cheating shcools need to go all in for punishments to stop it.


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