Tuesday, April 18, 2017


There are many consequences to cheating in school. Over 66% of students have admitted to cheating on an exam in school and 80% of kids say they have let someone copy their homework or have copied someone else's work (Middleearth,Wordpress, 2014). A harsh punishment of failing the student out of the class is an appropriate way to handle the situation because it teaches the student not to continue to cheat. Failing a course stays on the students record making it hard for them to apply to colleges and other programs they need their transcript for. Failing a class also makes it aware to other teaches that the student was caught cheating and was punished. If a student is never punished they were never learn to stop cheating.

Some people though believe that cheating can not be punished and that the incident is a learning experience for the student. Some students may have trouble understanding academic dishonesty which makes it harder for them to understand the wrong behind cheating (Coles, Morningcall,2003). If a student is caught they should be taught the wrongs and consequences of cheating but not actually be punished. A lot of students have been caught cheating their first time which doesn't make sense to fail them out of a class if they don't even understand the consequences. This makes the student understand the effects of cheating to help prevent them from doing it while still managing to teach the student something.

I believe the punishment for cheating should depend on the type of cheating being done and if it is the student's first time cheating. If the student has not cheated before then I think teaching them the effects of cheating is a good way to help them understand the wrong and make them not do it again. Cheating is wrong regardless of the situation but should be punished depending on the act or amount of cheating done.


  1. I think it would be pretty hard to tell if the student has cheated before. Pretty much everyone does it, so getting caught once won't really deter them from doing it again. It would need to be a really harsh punishment each time, or I don't believe it would do anything.

  2. I don't think a student deserves to be failed completely from the class after cheating just one team. If a student gets caught cheating on a final I think that would be a reasonable punishment. But if a student is caught cheating on an assignment I don't think failing the class is a reasonable punishment


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