Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gas Tax

Gas is something that is a huge money maker here in the States. By having a gas tax, we are able to fund many government things, such as roads for those vehicles to drive on. With this tax, there is also the tax for it being pollution for the environment. The tax is supposed to deter people from buying so much gas, but citizens will always be buying gas. It's good to have the gas tax though because some people do think twice about how much they drive, and how they utilize the gas. "It’s a viable plan for addressing our state’s long-term infrastructure needs" (Cope,, 2017). Funding for these projects has to come from somewhere, so why not take it from something that is bought a lot. Overall, gas is a huge money maker, so adding a tax to it really has never been a big deal. 
Although gas is a very sensible to put a pollution tax on, it really hurts the middle class. The upper class never has a problem paying for something like gas, and the lower class usually doesn't buy much gas, or car pools more often. If Americans have more money to spend on other stuff, that helps out the economy a lot. "By increasing the gas tax, not only are you lessening the amount of money in their pockets, but the amount of money being pumped into the economy is being lessened too" (Boone,, 2015). There is nothing like having more money and paying less taxes on everything. It makes sense to have a gas tax, but it really does hurt the middle class. 
I think that it really comes down to how something effects the middle class. The middle gets screwed a lot, so why not make stuff good for them. They are the ones who really make the economy, so I think the gas tax isn't a great thing. Business efficiency is very important, so I don't think there should be a raised gas tax. It funds roads and other things, but it's better for the customers to have money left over for other things, and not just keep paying taxes. Overall, I don't think the gas tax is a good thing, and think business efficiency is best when customers everywhere have more money. 
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